GCBL is a community organization that promotes youth baseball opportunities for players ranging from age 3 thru Jr. High.


The success of our organization is due to the support of the many volunteers, who dedicate countless hours to the organization of our programs, maintenance and upkeep of the Sater Park facility as well as coaching, running the concession stands and providing support to our teams, players and families.

Many thanks to our team of volunteers for their dedication to GCBL.

Sater Heights Park is the host of the Greenville Citizens Baseball League, the Darke County Fall Baseball League, as well as the Greenville High School and Acme baseball teams. 

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GCBL Greenville Citizens Baseball League

Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.


-Babe Ruth



The GCBL Board of Directors is comprised of a 8 dedicated volunteers who guide every aspect of the GCBL Programs

Ryan Delk: Commissioner

Ryan is in charge of all the ballparks operations


Contact Ryan:

Phone: (937) 417-5186

Adam Eberwein: Vice Commissioner

Shawn is in charge of fundraising


Contact Adam:

Phone: (937) 417-4817

Erin Eberwein: Treasurer

Erin is in charge of ballpark's finances


Contact Erin:

Phone: (937) 418-3515

Jason Byers: Equipment Manager

Jason is in charge of the equipment at the ballpark

TJ Powers: Secretary/Tournament Director

TJ is the Board Secretary and Tournament Director. 


Contact TJ:

(937) 564-8401


Ron Kerg: Concession Manager

Ron is the charge of the concession stand operations.


Contact Ron:

(937) 467-1603

JIm Weaver: Business Manager

Jim is in charge of umpires


Keith Heidrich: Board of Trustees Member

Keith is a 5 year member of the Board of Trustees. 

Contact Keith

(937) 760-2008


Eric Blumenstock: Board of Trustees Member

Eric is a 4 year member of the Board of Trustees

Contact Eric

(937) 564-8558

Matt Oswalt: Board of Trustees Member

Matt is a 3 year member of the Board of Trustees

Daniel Jones: Board of Trustees Member

Daniel is a 2 year member of the Board of Trustees

Contact Matt:

(937) 670-9070

Nick Weaver: Board of Trustees Member/CCL Director

NIck is a 1 year member of the Board of Trustees and Director for the CCL. 

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1958   Bob Brandon

1959   Mac McVay

1960   Max Garrison

1961   Robert Sink

1962   Robert Small

1963   Robert Small

1964   Don Malcom

1965   Berlin Harshbarger

1966   Berlin Harshbarger

1967   Bill Jenkinson

1968   Mel Conner

1969   Mel Conner

1970   Waldo Jenkinson

1971   Paul Crawford

1972   Paul Crawford

1973   Ron Treadway

1974   Dwight Thompson

1975   Dwight Thompson

1976   Jack Harless

1977   Jack Harless

1978   Joel Stevens

1979   Joel Stevens

1980   Joel Stevens

1981   Joel Stevens

1982   Joel Stevens

1983   Joel Stevens

1984   Larry Ullery

1985   Larry Ullery

1986   Dick Shumaker

1987   Dick Shumaker

1988   Keith Schlechty

1989   Keith Schlechty

1990   Keith Schlechty

1991   John Hess

1992   Rick Beam

1993   Rick Beam

1994   Steve Crawford

1995   Craig McGuire

1996   Mike Jones

1997   Mike Jones

1998   Scott Warren

1999   Scott Warren

2000   Kim Garland

2001   Mike Hohler

2002   Mike Hohler

2003   Mike Wendel

2004   Mike Wendel

2005   Tyler Edwards

2006   Jim Hackney

2007   Jim Hackney
2008   Chris Ward

2009   Jim Hackney

2010   Jim Hackney

2011   Tyler Edwards
2012   Tyler Edwards

2013   Keith Heidrich

2014   Ryan Delk

2015   Keith Heidrich

2016   Scott McKinniss

2017   Ryan Delk

2018   Ryan Delk

2019   Ryan Delk


In 1957 Greenville Citizen's Baseball League was founded by charter member Mark Baughn, since it's inception, GCBL has had 32 Commissioners over 60 years.